Advertise to College Students via College Newspapers

college newspaper advertising

Use college newspapers as a way to reach the college market.

Though print media readership among college students is generally on the decline, college students still stay tuned and frequently read their college newspapers. They use their collegiate newspaper as a way to stay in touch with the activities on campus, as well as the achievements of their peers. It’s also a great way to find out what entertainment and events are going on in a given week. Many local businesses use college newspapers to advertise to college students about upcoming events and deals. For example, this week in FSView—Florida State’s College Newspaper—Mockingbird Café is advertising for Whiskey Wednesday, The Warehouse is advertising for Open Mic Night, and AJ’s is advertising for a Karaoke Dance Party. These are just a few of the advertisements in the newspaper. What college students like about this type of advertising is that it doesn’t feel like advertising, rather they see it as a helpful reminder of the cool stuff happening around town. Plus it’s on print which means they can cut out the calendar section of the newspaper and hang it on their fridge as a reminder of what’s going on—which many college students actually do.

Another way college newspapers can be beneficial is that they are a selective way to advertise to college students. Unlike commercials and radio advertisements, college newspapers will reach their target audience more effectively because college newspapers are written primarily for college students. Also, college students find college newspapers less intrusive than other forms of advertising; commercials interrupt their music or TV programming and therefore have negative connotations, versus newspapers which they willing pick up and therefore are more willing to take to the advertisements. College newspapers also provide students with something to do between classes. College newspapers are an effective way to reach the college market because they are readily available, students are interested to see what is happening on campus and in the community, and because the advertisements seems less intrusive than other forms of advertising.


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