Subleasing Apartments

Subleasing Apartments On Campus Advertising

It’s about this time of year when college students break into a frenzy about subleasing their apartments for the summer. Whether it is a summer job or classes at a different University, many college students run into the same problem: The inability to sublease their apartment.

As a student facing that exact problem, I wonder if on-campus advertising and word of mouth viral marketing would help, but then recall the past month where these two strategies were unsuccessful. Through Facebook and other social media outlets, it is easy to see others facing similar problems.

How have students addressed this issue? Simple. By using class list-serves, Facebook groups, Craigslist, and more, students have mastered social media marketing and are adapting to the ever changing, “summer apartment” marketplace. Some students have gone as far as using college newspapers to get their message across, as well as flyers on campus.

However, this brings about another question: are college students competing with companies and large corporations to get their on-campus marketing and campus flyers noticed? The answer is yes. Due to the additional resources these companies have, college students are at a disadvantage with subleasing apartments; their wants and needs are being pushed aside. While students continue their efforts to market their apartments, I can see that those in college have a lot to learn about adapting to their marketplace and advertising their needs. 


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