How to Effectively Advertise to College Students

Want to find a cheap and easy way to reach college students? It’s easy let them advertise for you and create a viral word of mouth marketing campaign.

There are many different advertising strategies designed to target the college market, but one of the most effective ways to capture the youth market is by creating hype in a product. College students are constantly judging their peers and comparing themselves to one another. Oftentimes what is cool is defined by the number of people participating, displaying, or talking about a given product, thing, or event. No one wants to be the lone one not participating or the last in the know. So if you could get a few people to think your product is worth having, the desire for the commodity could spread to a larger percentage of the student body. The use of visual aids in addition to a viral word of mouth marketing strategy is a perfect way to market to college students.

College students are always looking for a good deal and they love getting free stuff. One way to drum up hype about a given product is by giving away free t-shirts, hats, lanyards, etc.—anything that will visually display the product you’re advertising. This does two things. First it allows college students to become interested in getting something free (more importantly something that advertises your company’s logo), which attracts crowds and numbers; the students who do successfully receive an item feel special and the ones who do not feel envious. The item (your company’s logo) is now associated with being part of the in crowd. Secondly, it allows college students to advertise for you by wearing the given item. For example, at college sporting events, t-shirts are often thrown into the crowd. Less than 1% of the student body actually wins an item, but it doesn’t stop the majority of them from going out and buying the same shirt later. This builds up school pride and when college students wear the t-shirts they are advertising to other students. This is not limited to college sports teams, many successful apartment complexes, restaurants, bars and clubs, etc. utilize this method of advertising effectively.

Another way to drum up publicity for your company and to reach the college market is by using word of mouth viral marketing, started by advertising on campus. This can be achieved by giving out samples of your product on college campuses. If college students try a sample of your product and like it, they will tell their friends and peers who then will be interested in trying your product. It is one of the best ways to advertise because the college students are vouching for your product and not someone directly affiliated with the given company; this gives the product more credibility because a non-biased person (one who isn’t paid) is vouching for the product. So using visual aids and creating a viral word of mouth marketing strategy are two ways to effectively advertise to college students.


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