Why Your Business Needs to Implement a Mobile Site for College Marketing Campaigns

Implement a Mobile Site for College Marketing Campaigns

Mobile phone use is on the rise across multiple demographics including college students which is why your websites must fit the trend to maximize your college marketing plan.

I don’t think anyone can argue with the notion that smartphone usage is up and with more sophisticated smartphones coming out every year, the trend seems to indicate that more people will be smartphone users in the years to come as they turn in their old phones and acquire new ones.  The college market is no different in terms of smartphone usage trending upward and considering the college demographic, 18-22 year olds, is particularly tech savvy, I believe it’s a safe bet to make that assumption.

Many companies who are trying to reach college students, incorporate a call to action into their message as an incentive to get college students engaged with the brand.  For example, a clothing retailer may use college brand ambassadors to pass out postcards with a 10% discount on a purchase if redeemed.

A new and innovative way to engage students is through QR Code marketing in which a 2D bar code can be placed on static print media, college posters, college dorm door hangers, table tents marketing, allowing students to scan the QR Code with their Smartphone and then are sent a text message, email or are directed to the clients website.

For the most effective call to action via the QR Code, I always recommend to clients that the QR Code direct the students directly to the client website through their smartphone.  This allows a quick and easy way to get students to the client websites where they can learn about the company and offer. Make sure to provide a place for them to ‘opt-in’ to an opportunity that will provide value to your company.

Herein lies the problem, many companies’ websites do not have a mobile site that allows easy access and navigation.  When a student scans the QR Code, they get to the client websites and, because their websites is not equipped for mobile usage, the students gets quickly frustrated and the opportunity to engage the student is lost.

If you are going to take advantage of smartphone and QR Code college marketing, the implementation of a mobile version of your website for the iPhone and Android is a component that cannot be overlooked. For this type of promotion to work successfully, your business needs to implement a mobile site for college marketing campaigns.

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