Some SEO tips to deal with Google’s over-optimization penalty

SEO tips to deal with Google’s over-optimization penalty

Over at Rand Fishkin made a video outlining some useful measures to take to adjust your SEO pages. He covered the most likely SEO patterns to look out for when the new algorithms are released that will penalize sites that have gone overboard with SEO. If I were to sum all of what was covered in a sentence it would be to avoid manipulating the users and search engines.

Here’s a point form of what was covered.

-Titles need to be authentic, written as if a human had written them. Avoid spam titles or those perceived to be manipulative.

-Avoid manipulative links such as having multiple anchor texts that link to the same thing over and over again. This can easily be red-tagged by not only the algorithms Google are likely to release but also users who will be able to sense that something is off.

-Avoid crudding that are at the foot of the page. Instead, use your footer wisely by putting links that are likely to be there.

-Avoid text content blocks written primarily for the engine. These are the kinds of blocks of texts that seem out of place in there overuse of keywords and not written with users in mind.

-Be wary of link networks offering backlinks to your site, such as reciprocal lists and communities formed to promote each other links.

-Avoid having large amount of pages having similar keyword texts with only slight variations in their keywords. Google might attribute these slight variances comparable to a kind of spam.


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