Apple to debut powerful new in-house 3D maps application with their release of iOS 6

Apple to Debut Powerful New 3D Maps

The new application will replace what older versions of the mobile operating system have used with Google Maps.

In addition to having a similar interface to the Google Maps currently on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch (allowing users to make a shift without much getting used to), the new application is said to be cleaner, faster, and more reliable.

‘Maps’, as it is now being called, will be supported by Apple’s recent purchase of Placebase C3 technologies and Poly9, which Apple has used to create its own maps database.

The most important aspect of the application is the new 3D mode which users can enable with the push of a button. The realistic graphics is supported by de-classified missile target algorithms! Check out the source below for some images. The graphics really are quite impressive.


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