2 Things You Need to Know About Facebook College Marketing


Studies show that college students are apt to ‘unfriend’ and disengage companies who appear to be ‘selling’ to them on Facebook, rather than engaging with them. Marketers must use tact in pursuing Facebook college marketing.

Facebook is one of the most highly trafficked social media platforms among college students making it an almost essential part of any college marketing strategy. The way companies and brands go about this process is what really can separate the winners from the losers in brand engagement among college students and ultimately return on investment.

In a recent survey conducted by Nielsen, studies show that 39% of college students ‘unfriend’ because a brand is over-stepping their bounds in trying to sell them something. See below for the main culprits resulting in an ‘unfriending’:

  • 55% unfriend because of offensive comments
  • 41% they do not know the person (why did they accept them in the first place)
  • 39% product solicitation
  • 20% lack of interaction
  • 14% political comments

Through Facebook, users have the option to subscribe to a certain brand, in which they voluntarily agree to be informed by a company about products; but the question is how does a company proactively get on college students radars, without alienating them. I always advise clients to use Facebook college marketing in the following ways:

  • Use Facebook as a landing page for QR Code usage. QR Code are taking off especially with the increased use of smart phones among college students. QR Codes can be placed on campus posters, door hangers and other traditional print options. A college student using a QR Code is voluntary which ensures they will not shut you out before checking out your offer.
  • Utilize brand ambassadors on campus to personalize messages to their friends on Facebook. Our brand ambassador network is made up of college students heavily networked in student groups on campus (i.e student government, Greek life, etc.). A Facebook recommendation of this nature has proven very effective for our clients over the last several years.

Companies who want to jump right into Facebook college marketing, certainly have the right idea, but need to understand that there is a tactful and effective way to go about this task. If done correctly, the results can pay dividends in driving sales, return on investment and can greatly enhance word of mouth viral marketing. However, if not done correctly, you could easily turn off college students and lose your valuable chance of a first impression.

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