Why NAM Youth Marketing?

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How do you capture the highly lucrative, yet extremely elusive college market while maximizing return on investment?

It’s easy—you let the university marketing experts do it for you!

Why NAM Youth Marketing?

The college marketing experts at NAM Youth Marketing can maximize your college advertising efforts because they

  • Work exclusively with the youth market and therefore have a deep understanding of the college consumer mindset—we KNOW this market inside and out
  • Have over 18 years of experience building brand recognition with this demographic
  • Have an extensive college advertising network consisting of over 4000 college campuses and 100,000 student brand ambassadors
  • Specialize in developing customized marketing solutions
  • Offer the best prices with a price match guarantee

NAM Youth Marketing takes campaigns seriously. Our mission is to make your experience and resulting ad campaign

  • Professional
  • Personalized
  • Efficient
  • Cost Effective
  • Successful
  • Relevant
  • Results Driven
  • And Fun!

Campaign Tracking for College Marketing Campaigns

We believe in transparency and measuring results.

We understand that you need to know where your college marketing money is going. That’s why we track your college advertising and marketing campaigns for you and send you the data.

NAM Youth Marketing provides campaign tracking services on print advertising. We also provide real-time tracking of event, sampling, and university marketing campaigns.

Our photo tracking features give you

  • The ability to track your campus advertising campaigns in real time
  • A NAM-provided FTP site with your own username and password
  • Access to wave photo galleries
  • Reporting metrics on all advertising mediums
  • A system that is 100% transparent—resulting in ZERO wasted ad dollars

The best feature?

No more guessing if the job is complete! 

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