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College students and teenagers are hooked on technology. This plugged-in generation spends a great deal of their waking hours connected to various social media platforms and tech devices. Many companies know that they need to utilize social media marketing to reach this elusive demographic, but struggle to understand their social media marketing goals and how to effectively track results. The key to our social media marketing success is our ability to deliver your brand’s message to a receptive target audience, from a trusted peer source, while presenting it in an organic fashion.

Peer-to-Peer Social Media Marketing

In order to captivate students’ attention and increase sales, social media marketing must be done with finesse. NAM Youth Marketing’s vast network of Student Brand Ambassadors have naturally developed large followings on social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn, among others.

Our student agents will incorporate your brand’s message into their posts, which they will then deliver through their personal social media networks, accessing their many friends and followers. College students will be more receptive to these messages as they’re coming from a peer whom they’ve had an existing relationship with. That way your message comes across as a friendly suggestion from a peer, rather than an unsolicited advertisement.

Social_Media_marketing outreach

Targeting a Niche Market

Social_Media_marketing target groups
Reach Your Target Audience

NAM Youth Marketing cultivates niche networks that transcend individual campaigns in terms of targeted marketing. For example, we recently developed a tailored Twitter account whose followers are entirely college skiers and snowboarders. By implementing highly focused techniques like these, we will hone in on your target audience and spread your message to a passionate group of individuals who share an affinity for your product or services. This will increase reach and deliver results. 

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College Marketing INsider Advantage:  Our exclusive college advertising network consists of over 100,000 highly networked Student Brand Ambassadors. By utilizing this vast network, your company can start organic conversations about your brand through social media platforms.


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