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Visual elements are increasingly important when it comes to college marketing, as the youth increasingly engage with technological devices and social media platforms, many of which are highly visualized. When researching how to do something, most students turn to YouTube for advice, as the videos allow viewers to understand the instructions in a more concrete way than text alone. Videos have the power to transport a person to a place and time; this leads to a more active form of advertising, as it require viewers to watch and engage with the material.

Trends among the youth tend to be shifting to a more visually predominant social media scene. YouTube videos can capture the excitement and energy of your brand, captivating students in a matter of seconds. YouTube videos have the power to convey moods, build excitement, and enthuse your audience.
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Generate Excitement * Elicit a Reaction * Connect with the Youth

Incorporating a video element into your college marketing campaign enables you to:

  • Visually captivate your audience and engage potential clients
  • Promote events and contests showing excitement
  • Convey product information in a visually interesting way
  • Tell your brand’s story in an emotionally compelling video
  • Reach a young target market using a social media site they love

NAM Youth Marketing has created several YouTube videos for past campaigns, promoting events, contests, and informational sessions for brands. We design videos that resonate with students and make them want to participate in the action. In the past our videos have reached over 15,000 views on Youtube during the promotional period.

Microsoft’s 2013 Imagine Cup Tech Competition – Cash Prizes, Free XBox – College Marketing

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College Marketing INsider Advantage: NAM Youth Marketing understands the power of visual imagery when it comes to captivating the college and youth market. We can start organic conversations about your brand through YouTube videos and build relations with prospective customers.


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