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NAM Youth Marketing uses a strategic college Twitter marketing approach to creatively engage users. We focus on telling emotionally engaging stories about your brand through our Twitter accounts and networks. The power of social media marketing is the ability to create dynamic content that encourages consumer interaction and leads to brand expression. By actively participating in conversations about your brand with your consumers, you provide an environment of co-creation. It’s not just about how many followers you have, it’s about giving those followers quality content.

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We send out tweets for your business throughout the day—through  our NAM Youth Marketing Twitter account of over 800 followers—making sure to provide relevant information that aligns with your brand’s image. We also use keyword searches on Twitter to locate individuals who have been tweeting about things related to your consumer market. We then tweet these individuals, inviting them to engage and interact with your brand.

We also employ our Student Brand Ambassadors that have a large following associated with your specific campaign needs. These agents will promote your brand to a target audience through frequent tweets written from a student’s perspective. This peer-to-peer marketing strategy will add authenticity to your brand’s message and lead to a higher conversion rate.

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We provide innovative solutions to social media marketing

Our creative college Twitter marketing strategy produces the following benefits:

  • Ability to provide engaging, quality content to followers
  • Increase brand exposure and gain followers
  • Higher conversions due to better click-through rates
  • Ability to target specific markets & develop a fan base
  • Zero wasted ad dollars — Better ad scheduling
  • Written with a student audience in mind
  • Monthly active users
  • Daily active users

Nam will allocate a certain amount of your budget to promote key tweets on Twitter via our four unique Twitter accounts. These promoted tweets our capable or reaching thousands of people that are not direct followers of our company or our student agents. These promoted tweets will further increase your social media presence.  

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College Marketing INsider Advantage:  Our exclusive college advertising network consists of over 100,000 highly networked Student Brand Ambassadors. In addition to our student agents’ accounts, NAM Youth Marketing’s Twitter account has over 800 followers. By utilizing these vast networks, your company can start organic conversations about your brand and encourage consumer interaction.


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