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LinkedIn’s primary purpose is as a social media network for professionals; however, it can be a great resource for promoting your brand and connecting with college students as well. Many college students use LinkedIn to build their professional profile and to form connections with companies they might want to work with in the future. They join groups that appeal to their interests and areas of study, as well as brands that they indentify with and enjoy.

At NAM Youth Marketing we believe in fostering real connections. We will use LinkedIn to reach students, staff, and faculty at select schools, specifically pursing groups related to your target market. Whether you want to recruit top talent or increase brand awareness, NAM Youth Marketing will interact and engage students directly by starting conversations on LinkedIn.

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We Deliver Results (Microsoft Case Study)

Our interactive College LinkedIn marketing strategy produces the following benefits:

  • Ability to recruit top talent
  • Ability to promote college internships
  • Ability to engage groups related to your target market
  • Ability to foster relationships with potential customers

College students compose a large percentage of the total users on LinkedIn, so it is an important social media marketing tool to use when promoting your brand. Our college LinkedIn marketing campaigns are capable of reaching over 20,000 students. 

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 College Marketing INsider Advantage: NAM Youth Marketing understands the benefits of LinkedIn as a professional networking tool and as a way to connect with niche student groups. We can start organic conversations about your brand through LinkedIn and build relations with prospective customers.


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