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Google + prides itself on enhancing community involvement and its unique design revolves around group interaction. Users create, join, and engage online communities specific to their interests. Google+ is a great asset to have in your social media marketing arsenal as it continually rises in popularity and connects people in ways other social media outlets do not. It offers great ways to engage with local communities and groups.

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NAM will use Google+ to   interconnect with potential clients that have already expressed an interest in topics related to your brand. We will use Google+ to reach students, staff, and faculty at select schools, specifically pursing groups related to your target market. We will foster relationships between prospective customers through Google+ communities.

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Better Organic Search

Google+ can also be used to increase SEO and improve page rank. What better way to promote your brand, than through the social media site of the world’s most popular search engine? The first step is producing quality content on a frequent basis that followers value. The next step is sharing meaningful content on your Google+ brand page. Google+ is a powerful SEO tool that your company will want to utilize.  

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College Marketing INsider Advantage: NAM Youth Marketing understands the benefits of Google+ as a search engine optimization tool and as a way to connect with niche groups. We can start organic conversations about your brand through Google+ pages and build relations with prospective customers.


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