College Facebook Marketing Solutions

NAM Youth Marketing continually strives to provide creative, personal, and effective college Facebook marketing solutions that market your brand to a target audience using innovative methods. We don’t use typical banner ads as they don’t resonate with students and result in dismal click-through rates. Instead our Student Brand Ambassadors access their personal Facebook accounts to deliver unique and direct impressions.

college Facebook marketing peer-to-peer

Personalized Messages from Friends Produce Results

Students are more receptive to brand recommendations and advice when it comes from a friend or peer. Our Facebook representatives will send personalized messages to their Facebook friends, inviting them to check out your brand and providing a link to your company’s website or Facebook page. These messages are more likely to be acted upon as they come from a trusted source.

College Facebook Marketing Solutions

As with our college marketing efforts, we believe in forming meaningful connections with students and providing quality engagement. College Facebook marketing enables brands to gain followers and friends, while highlighting and marketing upcoming events or products. Our Student Agents will jumpstart conversations about your brand with their friends increasing consumer interest.

Facebook is a great medium for reaching college students, since they spend a large portion of their time on Facebook. If your company wants to reach a particular college or university’s student population through Facebook, we provide P2P marketing from one to student to another. We specifically target students at the university selected, rather than targeting individuals who are not physically located in your target market. This ensures you’re marketing to the right audience and not wasting advertising dollars. Our student agents will spread the word on an event or promotion taking place, on or off campus, to increase foot traffic and encourage customer turnout.

college Facebook marketing P2P

Use Social Influence to Connect with College Students

Our college Facebook marketing campaigns are capable of reaching 11 Million Students nationwide. Using NAM for social media marketing campaigns produces the following benefits:

  • Increases reach through personal engagement
  • Higher conversions through better click rates
  • Ability to target market and create fans
  • Zero wasted as dollars – Better ad scheduling
  • Written with a student audience in mind. College advertising on a large, targeted scale.
  • Monthly active users – Daily active users – Daily new likes

NAM Youth Marketing will develop a Facebook College Network for target schools catering specifically to your college marketing goals.

college Facebook marketing case study

We Deliver Results (Microsoft Case Study )

College Marketing INsider Advantage:  Our exclusive college advertising network consists of over 100,000 highly networked Student Brand Ambassadors and is capable of reaching 11 million students nationwide. By utilizing this vast network, your company can start organic conversations about your brand through social media platforms.  

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