8 Step Social Media Marketing Approach

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The 8 step social media marketing approach is designed to boost your brand’s social media outreach efforts. These steps provide a great foundation for most social media marketing campaigns and allows your company to establish a social media presence specifically geared for the college and youth market.  Of course, all campaigns will be individually tailored to align with your companies’ goals and wishes.

8 step social media marketing approach

1. Press Release

Publicizing a press release is a great way to feature new products, announce upcoming events, promote contests or sweepstakes, highlight community involvement, and tell inspirational brand stories, among others. Press releases provide publicity for your company and improve SEO, which will increase traffic to your website.

2. Reach Social Media Groups

Connect with student groups in your target market on Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and YouTube to build relationships with prospective customers, generate brand awareness, and convey product information.

3. Send Categorized Tweets

Use Twitter to create dynamic tweets utilizing categorized hashtags to cultivate followers and grab the attention of your target market.

4. Tweet @Individuals

Use keyword searches on Twitter to locate individuals who have been tweeting about topics related to your consumer market. Then tweet these individuals, inviting them to engage and interact with your brand.

5. Start Conversations

Start conversations about your brand on message boards, forums, Yahoo! Answers, and LinkedIn groups, specifically pursing groups related to your target market.

6. Interact with School Websites & Social Media

Post quality content on school websites and university related social media pages when reaching college students at select universities.

7. Blog

Post a keyword optimized blog entry regarding the marketing efforts of your brand to NAM Youth Marketing’s website.

8. Connect with NAM’s Student Agents

Connect directly with all students in NAM Youth Marketing’s Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ accounts to increase reach through personal engagement.  

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