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Social Media Marketing

In the last decade, social media has vastly changed collegiate marketing. Traditional forms of advertising will no longer suffice without an online presence, as Millennials have come to expect the option of connecting with brands on a multitude of channels. Social media marketing enables brands to gain fans and provides opportunities to market upcoming events and new products. College students readily indulge in social media platforms, making it an excellent college marketing tool.

Why is social media marketing such a vital component of youth marketing? It engages students in mediums they love to use. Plus, the youth demographic have huge influence over their friends; if an ad or brand resonates with them, they will share it with others. Instead of reaching one person, you have the chance to reach hundreds to thousands. If you engage your fans in meaningful ways, they will engage back and the rewards will be priceless.

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Our social media marketing campaigns allow your company to:

  • Engage directly with students
  • Create an online buzz about your brand
  • Send updates to your fans
  • Connect with the millions of students who participate in social networking

Make sure to develop a college marketing plan that utilizes multiple marketing channels. The youth tend to spread their attention between wide varieties of media, not limiting themselves to just one realm. Diversifying your social media marketing strategy, not only mimics their behavior, but increases your exposure. 

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College Marketing INsider Advantage:  Our exclusive college advertising network consists of over 100,000 highly networked Student Brand Ambassadors. By utilizing this vast network, your company can start organic conversations about your brand through social media platforms.


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