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It’s a no-brainer that having a digital presence is a necessity when marketing to the youth. College students and teenagers expect to connect with brands on a wide variety of digital platforms from multiple devices and they expect the process to go smoothly and efficiently. Provide Millennials with a favorable digital marketing experience and gain loyal customers and avid fans.

Develop a Digital Marketing Strategy that Works

Strategy is critical for success. Many companies use digital marketing, but neglect to develop an overall social media marketing approach. They understand the importance of establishing an online presence, but fail to analyze their social media marketing goals. This leads to a lackadaisical effort at best.

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Steps for Success:

1.      Plan

–         What digital marketing channels does your business currently use and which ones will your business want to use in the future? What are your short-term and long-term business goals?

–         How can your brand convey information to consumers in ways they’ll appreciate?

–         How do consumers interact with brands on social media platforms? What influences consumers to act? 

2.      Listen

–         Who are the key industry influencers on the web? How are they using digital marketing to promote themselves?

–         Analyze and assess your competitors’ online presence

–         Monitor industry news and pay attention to viral trends

3.      Analyze

–         Define your target audience. What digital channels and social media networks do your target consumers use and on what frequency?

–         Locate groups and niche networks to target

–         Indentify conversation subjects that will elicit a response and encourage interaction

–         Brainstorm innovative ways to reach and connect with the elusive youth 

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NAM Youth Marketing will help your company develop a strategic digital marketing plan utilizing your business’ goals that will produce trackable results. We provide innovative digital marketing strategies using P2P marketing tactics, as well as highly focused targeted marketing.

Our digital marketing campaigns will:

  • Generate brand awareness
  • Jumpstart Conversations

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  • Create strong customer-brand relations
  • Encourage co-creation
  • Utilize social clout to influence peers
  • Use targeted brand immersion tactics
  • Increase ROI

 NAM Youth Marketing offers dynamic digital marketing solutions, including:


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