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This letter serves as a professional recommendation for both NAM Youth Marketing, Inc. I first worked with NAM Youth Marketing when I was with Kaplan Educational Centers as the New England Marketing Manager. As you can imagine, it was a very important part of my job to know what was effective marketing for the college market. Having been bombarded by offers from Countless Guide Books, Student Run Publications, School Newspapers, College fairs, etc., I honestly think that NAM is one of the few consistently reliable, and cost-effective college marketing devices available. Their cost-effective college mediums allow you to be in the faces of your target audience at each and every College And University Nationally, OVER 1800. Moreover, with NAM you get expertise from people who have personally been on college campuses for numerous years. Their Experience & Results Prove That! If you are looking for a direct response program on a College Campus, then I Strongly recommend speaking with the associates at NAM Youth Marketing, Inc.


Daniel Wilmer - Account Supervisor

Austin Knight Advertising


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