UPMC College Marketing Case Study

Project Outline


Provide in-market teams to execute reach - awareness generating campaigns aimed at student’s campus wide via Postering on college campuses.

The teams will target these consumers via network based placement of materials campus wide as well as target specific locations. The program will build reach-awareness among students and will contain several elements to ensure flexibility in meeting market requirements goals and more.

NAM implemented campus postering, over a three month spring reach-awareness period with multiple runs/waves for constant exposure and maintaining. These runs were done through NAM’s Professional Network and Student Marketing groups. By doing this NAM was able to place our client’s message directly to this niche market in their environment where they work live and play.

NAM also implemented a Branded Flip Flop give away 7200 strong distribution with college street teams/brand ambassadors to make for an engaging and dynamic event. NAM rented cargo vans and had team managers pick up Flip Flops over the 2 day campaign for each school. Through this program and one to one interaction college media at t target specific schools this made for a memorable experience with the college audience.


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3 Month Fall Reach-Brand Awareness.

Program Elements:

Postering, 4 Campus Visits – (2 Months) – 9883 Posters

Printing Specifications:

  • Size: 11 X 17
  • Paper: 100 lbs stock
  • Finish: Gloss Text - Aqueous Coating
  • Ink: Web Form & Jet Press ink - from vansonink.com

Street Teams-Brand Ambassadors:

  • 7200 Branded Flip Flops
  • Cargo Vans
  • 2 Days
  • 1 Manager
  • 3 Staff
  1. Identified School Criteria
  2. Assigned School Availability
  3. Client Designed/NAM Approved/ Printed Media
  4. Shipped Materials To NAM Warehouse For Processing/Sorting/Shipping To Agents
  5. Utilized 20 AGENTS For On Campus Distributions
  6. Targeted Distribution (Student Union-Mail Rooms-Dorms-Academic Buildings)
  7. Wave Photo Tracking Verification - Results

Program Results:

SUCCESS – ROI met or exceeded expectations



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