Nutella College Marketing Case Study

Project Outline

Business Objective:

To position Nutella as an exciting alternative to traditional breakfast foods by generating brand awareness and desire for Nutella products through sampling and product tasting.


College students will receive a palm card along with a .6 ounce sample of Nutella. The palm card provides tips for a tasty way to start the day using Nutella and directs the consumer to visit www.nutellausa.com to learn more and find the nearest retailer. Student brand ambassadors personalize each interaction, so the consumer walks away with a one-of-a-kind experience. They encourage their peers to engage with Nutella on Facebook by describing their experience with Nutella and providing feedback.

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23 colleges nationwide


2 Week Brand Awareness‐Sampling Campaign

Program Results:

Over the course of two weeks, 500,000 .6 ounces of Nutella and 500,000 palm cards were distributed to students at 23 colleges nationwide. We estimate that 225,000 students went on to purchase a Nutella product as a result. The student brand ambassadors were able to use their knowledge of campus and their student connections to access high-traffic locations—dorms, dining halls, student unions, and other campus hot spots—to spread the word about Nutella and to distribute product samples. They were also able to connect with student groups, clubs, and organizations to convey key brand messaging and deliver samples.

The brand ambassadors passed out the product at critical times, paying careful attention to the morning hours since Nutella wanted to brand itself as a breakfast food. They also distributed Nutella samples to students on-the-go to show Nutella’s versatility.



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