Marc Sorel – President and Chief Marketing Officer



Marc is an accomplished snow ski racer; he graduated from Stratton Mountain School and Bates College (Division 1). He earned a degree from the Graduate School of Political Management at GWU. Marc enjoys golf, traveling, and the peacefulness of the ocean. He has a mind for pioneering and revolutionizing, and is an engaged leader, expert, and authority on college marketing.

Marc coined the phrases: “Zero Wasted Ad Dollars” and “Rising Above the Noise”. These phrases represent his strategic marketing approach that is driven by honesty and transparency. Each client receives a no-nonsense, targeted experience focused around their business’ goals. This strategy allows the companies and brands he guides the opportunity to not only reach, but effectively engage with the desirable, elusive, and influential college aged (18-24 year-old) audience.

Marc learned at the early age of 5, all about college marketing by “road tripping” and hanging thousands of college posters with his father and uncle—both pioneers in the college marketing world. Marc’s father pioneered the development of niche college marketing programs, including: Ski and Travel, Spring Break, Study Abroad, and College Cinema, among others. These programs date back to the 60’s and though they’ve been revamped over the decades, they remain important today.

It was not a matter of if Marc would revolutionize college marketing, but when. In 1996, Marc began NAM Youth Marketing as a grass roots college postering company. He quickly engaged with many fortune 500 brands (E&Y being his second major account), and became a college marketing leader with the help and guidance of his father and mentor, Mark Jansen—founder of the College Marketing Bureau in Chicago.

Marc has developed numerous six and seven-figure ad campaigns over the years. Past clients include brands like FedEx, Microsoft, PepsiCo, Vera Bradley, GM, and the Princeton Review, to name a few.

Let the pioneering continue… 

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