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sticky note marketing


sticky note marketing encourages co-creation


Invigorate your youth marketing campaign with sticky note marketing—an innovative college advertising approach designed to attract attention and engage students. Sticky note marketing is an intriguing concept as it plays on Millennials’ curiosity, while allowing students to take part in a brand’s co-creation process. Sticky notes containing your brand’s messages will be placed throughout campus in prominent locations. The multitude of sticky notes, the many colors, and the random placement of these notes will interest students.

Brands Ambassadors sticky note marketing


College students love to express themselves. They like brands that interact with them in fun, new ways. With sticky note marketing, your company can convey its brand image through targeted messages, while allowing students to react in personalized ways. Students can add to the experience by adding sticky notes of their own, rearranging the notes, and by making comments. Student Brand Ambassadors will reach out to their peers and encourage participation. This experiential marketing strategy is sure to entertain the college crowd and generate brand exposure. 

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