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stair advertising public service announcement

Use Stair Advertising to Promote Public Service Announcements and Safety Tips

Stair advertising is great way to promote public service announcements and safety tips. Stair advertising can be utilized in high-traffic metro areas, such as train stations, city centers, and sports stadiums. This is a great way to reach a large demographic of people.

Certain messages—such as, anti-texting and driving or anti-binge drinking campaigns—geared toward a younger audience will want to utilize stair advertising in high-traffic locations on college campuses, where the problems are more prevalent. This targeted messaging will bring awareness to the intended audience, increasing the impact of the announcement.

stair advertising on college campus

Use Stair Advertising to Promote Vacation and Study Abroad Opportunities

College students love experiences and many aspire to study abroad or travel to exotic places. They want to experience different cultures, meet new people, and grow as individuals. Companies with vacation opportunities and schools with study abroad programs can use stair advertising to promote trips.

Stair advertising ensures repeat exposure. Students will see the ad multiple times a week, if not multiple times a day. Stair advertising is an underused form of college advertising, which means your stair ads will prominently display your campaign slogan and deliver your message in a format that’s bound to attract students’ attention. Having an innovative advertising format will help your ad stand out among the clutter.

Use Stair Advertising to Promote Local Events or Sales

Use stair advertising to increase event attendance and drive sales. College students love to socialize and are always on the lookout for something to do. Advertising on stairs a few weeks leading up to an event or performance is a great way to excite students and promote ticket sales. The ads will start conversations between students and inspire action.

 Use Stair Advertising to Increase Brand Awareness

Stair advertising is a great way for brands to build awareness among the college demographic. Creating catchy taglines and placing them all over campus stairwells is an excellent way to capture students’ attention. Placing you logo on staircases around campus is a great way to reinforce your brand’s presence and generate awareness. Contact NAM Youth Marketing today to learn more about stair advertising opportunities in metro areas and on college campuses. 

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