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Some of the most effective grass roots and viral marketing campaigns began as guerilla marketing campaigns. Businesses that have a great idea, but lack the budget to execute more traditional advertising channels, can effectively reach college student through a variety of guerilla marketing techniques. Corporations also recognize the viral potential that can result from guerilla marketing campaigns and many now use guerilla marketing in conjunction with their other marketing efforts.

Guerilla marketing allows brands to express their creativity and engage with college students in meaningful ways. Guerilla marketing plays on people’s emotions and expectations, and oftentimes violates those expectations and delivers the message in unusual, unconventional, and unpredictable ways. Guerilla marketing is a great way to convey a message through a story and it makes the consumer a part of that story. Creative guerilla marketing campaigns resonate with college students as they are seen as more imaginative, entertaining, and personal than typical ads.

Conducting guerilla marketing campaigns on college campuses, in a professional way that will not portray your brand in a negative light relative to university policies, takes expertise that NAM Youth Marketing has refined over the years. NAM has the cost effective strategies and guidance that is necessary to execute these types of campaigns in a way that builds brand awareness and leaves lasting impressions. We capture attention and deliver results via guerilla marketing, sticky note marketing, wild postings, sampling promotions, college street teams, stair advertising, chalking, experiential marketing, flash mobs, PR marketing stunts, and more. 

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College Marketing INsider Advantage: Our extensive advertising network consists of over 100,000 Brand Ambassadors, covers over 4000 college campuses, and includes all metropolitan areas in the United States. We go where the students go and we will bring the advertising to the destination and venue of choice, including spring break destinations, music festivals, major sporting events, and other events popular with the college crowd  


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