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Graduation_marketing imageConnect with Graduates as they Begin their New Journey

Transitional phases make excellent college advertising opportunities. Graduation is an especially pertinent time to have a college marketing campaign, as students will transition into the work force and many will relocate. With change comes opportunity. As college graduates transition into the next phase of their lives, their spending habits will undoubtedly increase.

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New Adventures

Many will want to have a party or go on vacation to celebrate their achievements. The majority will enter the work force and need to purchase a whole new wardrobe. With college out of the way, graduates will start to focus their attention on their careers and settling down. As they begin their new jobs their discretionary spending power will significantly increase. Catching their attention early in this transitional phase will increase impact and reach.

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Join the Celebration * Add to their Memories

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Endless Possibilities

Graduation marketing provides brands with a unique opportunity to zero in on this niche demographic. Graduation and commencement ceremonies are a time of excitement and jubilation. Relatives and friends travel from across the nation to show their support and encouragement. With graduation marketing, your brand will not only influence the graduates but their families as well.


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