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Opportunities Abound with College Sporting Event Marketing

College sporting events draw big crowds and represent huge college marketing potential. With the biggest college football stadiums capable of holding close to 100,000 spectators—not to mention the thousands of fans gathering in the vicinity tailgating—the college marketing opportunities at these events are astronomical!

College students attend sporting events as a way to socialize, show support for their school, and as a form of entertainment. College sporting events allow students to share in a universal experience and feel a part of the community. By attending these events, their representing their university and showing their team pride.

College Sports Marketing college Athletic Marketing

Be a Part of the Crowd * Be a Part of the Fun* Be a Part of the Experience

Students love to cheer on their team and participate in athletic competitions; from fans to players, they want to be a part of the action. Appealing to this drive and bringing the advertising to them—during high profile games—will attract their attention. College students make the best fans; gaining their loyalty will lead to huge rewards.

Marketing to college students before, during, and after major sporting events will lead to increased brand awareness among the college demographic. College street teams are an excellent way of reaching college students during athletic events. They’ll promote your brand by interacting and conversing with fellow students, while distributing campus flyers, promotional samples, and free swag. College street teams help solidify your college sporting event marketing campaign in a fun, engaging way. 

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College Marketing INsider Advantage:  Our exclusive college advertising network consists of over 100,000 Student Brand Ambassadors, and covers over 4,000 campuses. Our ambassadors—highly networked members of the student body—belong to a variety of student clubs and organizations. By utilizing this vast network, your message will reach its intended target and lead to a successful college sporting event marketing campaign.


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