College Food and Beverage Sampling

College Food and Beverage Sampling Solution

NAM Youth Marketing knows how to effectively target and sell to the lucrative college and youth market. They are Millennials who:

  • Constitute 25% of the US population
  • Collectively will spend more than $200 billion annually starting in 2017
  • Will consume $10 trillion in their lifetimes a significant portion of which will naturally be on food and beverages

College Sampling Food and Beverage

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Through college advertising you reach fans not just eager to buy but eager to help sell. The key to successfully meeting your marketing goals hinges on understanding what college students want and how to capitalize on it.


What College Students want:

•Global flavors •Authenticity •Unique flavor combinations
•Ultra convenience •Social responsibility •Quality products
•Premium ingredients •Fresh food •Organic, non-GMOs
•Co-Creation •Personalization •Healthy options
•Philanthropy •Community outreach •Sustainability
•Social-Savvy brands •Personal expression •Ethical Eating
•Culinary adventures •Memorable experience •Variety

The younger generation is the source of fashion and food and older consumers are increasingly learning from their kids. They lead the charge in purchasing prepared foods and are reshaping what we eat, how we eat and where we eat. Do you want to consistently attract them while lowering costs?

College Advertising Food Sampling

“Thank you for the outstanding and professional services NAM provided on this initiative, it paid off! The overall program, your interaction, conference calls with our sales team, customer calls, hiring of talent, day of show and tracking pictures clearly show the great success of the Doritos event.”

Greg Milton | Customer Marketing Manager | PepsiCo Foodservice

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Be Irresistable to the College Market

 How NAM Youth Marketing engages college students:

  • generate awareness                       penetrating students’ physical and online space
  • drive conversations                       interacting directly with college students
  • perform organic outreach  BY  breaking advertising barriers using P2P marketing
  • deliver relevant ads                       assessing the college market place

 We work with you to awaken your target market’s taste buds and:

  • Make genuine connections with college students so they’ll help you spread your message
  • Capitalize on Millennials’ preferences to effectively engage them
  • Build a mouthwatering experience and implement ways to share the experience with others
  • Use college students to gain insight into the demographic and find out what they think is funny to create authentic campaigns that resonate
  • Offer feel good experiences to elevate your product
  • Make the most of social messengers to connect your message and brand

NAM helps you meet sales targets by ensuring you message will:

Nutella College Sampling Campaign

Nutella College Sampling Promotion

NAM recommends and implements an array of strategically-selected services to achieve our food and beverage clients’ specific goals:

NAM helps its food and beverage clients capture the lucrative youth market, achieve marketing goals and make the sale with a well-balanced, all-inclusive, managed platform approach. We fulfill the underlying process more efficiently with comprehensive, coordinated services that are strategic, measured and effective so you:

  • Sustain a consistent, annual approach to marketing investment with no downtime
  • Are top of mind with college students and maintain the strong customer connections necessary to achieve consistent demand for your product
  • Know when and how to invest if sales numbers need help or to execute new product launches
  • Reduce roller-coaster marketing to improve predictability for revenue recognition

Reach College Students Sampling Promotions

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