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It is no secret that college students drink a lot of coffee. College students frequent coffee shops and cafés as a place to socialize and unwind. They gather at coffee shops to discuss new ideas, to relax with friends, and to recharge before hitting the books. Coffee acts as a form of social engagement, but also plays a vital role in college students’ lives when it comes to late night studying.

Students naturally congregate at coffee houses both on and off campus, making cafe marketing an excellent way of reaching college students. NAM Youth Marketing offers unique ways to use cafe marketing to target students in this niche venue, including java sleeve advertising, free coffee events, and meet and greet sessions at local cafés.

Java sleeves transform students’ daily coffee habit into a memorable consumer experience, leaving lasting impressions. They act as mobile billboards for brands.

Java Sleeve advertising Reaching college students in coffee shops

What is a Free Coffee Day Event?

It is a two-hour time period during which a café gives free coffee to customers using our client’s java sleeves. The event will include brand signage and logo placement throughout the café. These events allow your company to interact with café customers, form positive associations with students, and increase brand awareness. Our Student Brand Ambassadors will coordinate the event, greet customers, and provide product samples. Coffee events allow you to connect with students in ways that matter. 

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College Marketing INsider Advantage:  Our exclusive college advertising network is capable of delivering over 15 million java sleeves a month across 6,000 locations. NAM Youth Marketing arranges all the logistics from selecting and coordinating with cafés, printing the signage and promotional materials, and photographing the event. We will ensure that you achieve maximum exposure at every targeted café.


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