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Build on their Excitement

With back-to-school spending on the rise, it is more important than ever to stand out among the crowd and capture the attention of the back-to-school consumer. Back-to-school shopping is one of the biggest shopping events of the year and companies looking to increase revenue should develop a back-to-school advertising strategy to capitalize on this period of heightened spending. Parents and students will search for back-to-school fashion tips, clothing, and accessories, as well as back-to-school supplies, backpacks, books, and school materials. This is a chance for retailers, businesses, and online stores to share in consumers’ excitement of starting a new school year.


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New Journeys, New Possibilities

College students are a lucrative market for back-to-school shopping as their needs and demands are higher than K-12 students. Not only do they want to shop for all the normal back-to-school stuff, they also need to shop for their new home and living environment. More importantly, their parents are prepared to spend. Aware that this transition period involves numerous expenses (and possibly eager to send their kids off as well), parents are more willing than ever to assist their children monetarily. It is important to have a call-to-action incentive when engaging in college marketing and youth marketing advertising campaigns. Though parents and college students are willing to spend, they’re more likely to act on a good deal.

Back-to-school spending

Shopping: A Social Outing

The most optimal time for college marketing is during the fall semester. There is a certain buzz and excitement in the air as students settle into their new homes. It is also an exciting time for companies and brands to engage college students, as students are making purchasing decisions, socializing with their  peers, and exploring their surroundings. Students are more accessible to promotions during this time as the pressures of midterms and finals are off in the distant future.

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