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In recent years, smartphones have become virtually universal on college campuses nationwide, making QR code advertising an essential component of collegiate marketing. The beauty of QR code advertising is the ability to take an interested consumer directly to your company’s mobile website in a matter of seconds. This innovative technology can deliver coupons, messages, and other promotional offers directly to students’ smartphones. NAM Youth Marketing offers custom QR codes on all the print media we distribute, providing easy access to digital media through print advertising.

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Marketing to college students using QR code advertising requires finesse and ingenuity. NAM Youth Marketing has the expertise and experience of reaching college students in engaging, innovative ways.Our Student Brand Ambassadors enthuse students with their energy and excitement. They will encourage students to scan the QR codes in a friendly fashion.

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NAM Youth Marketing can help you develop a backend strategy that includes mobile web pages, customized Facebook pages, and a strong call to action college marketing plan; this ensures that interested students will navigate easily to your mobile site and have a user friendly experience.

College Marketing INsider Advantage:  Our exclusive college advertising network of over 4,000 campuses offers you a wide selection of locations. We will ensure that you achieve maximum exposure at every targeted campus, or even a specific section within. Spot checks, monitoring, and photographic documentation let you know that a successful college marketing campaign has been carried out 

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