Word of Mouth Viral Marketing

word of mouth viral marketing

College students and teenagers tend to by highly elusive and wary of advertising. In order to break down these barriers, brands need to establish trust and create a youth marketing campaign that resonates with students. One way to do this is with word of mouth viral marketing. Student Brand Ambassadors will spread the word on campuses, engaging their fellow classmates and informing students of your promotion or product. This peer-to-peer marketing approach gets attention and feels more sincere than typical advertising mediums; it has a less corporate vibe and students will appreciate the face-to-face interaction.

College sampling campaigns on campus will lead to word of mouth viral marketing as students will tell their friends about the promotion. Event marketing also lends itself to word of mouth viral marketing, as events attract large crowds of people. Impress the student audience by connecting with them on campus. Millennials have strong social influence; if you can gain their trust and appreciation, they will pass the word along.


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