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Advertising Internships

Advertising internships on college campuses nationwide can help your company recruit top talent, increasing the number of applicants and allowing your company to evaluate an intern before making permanent hiring decisions.

Many college students lack a clear understanding of the career paths they should be pursuing in their field of study. They typically have a general interest or idea of the field, but don’t have a firm grasp of what the job actually entails. Most colleges don’t provide the necessary guidance in preparing students for a career or helping them with their career search. This leaves students to fend for themselves, a rather daunting task.

Companies in search of new recruits should take advantage of students’ lack of direction. Through campus recruiting, you can provide students with valuable information and opportunities. One mutually beneficial arrangement you can market to students is an internship. Internships provide hands-on experience, exposing students to the everyday minutia of their chosen career. Internships allow companies to evaluate an intern to see if they’re a good fit within the company, while fostering relationships with students and developing bonds between potential long-term employees. Both parties are benefiting; the student gains experience in their chosen field and the company gains fresh ideas and innovative minds. It’s a win-win situation.

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When engaging in campus recruiting tactics, it is essential to have a solid college marketing plan. There are many companies out there and you need to make your company stand out and appeal to students. One way to do this is with campus recruiting. Instead of having student search for internships, make the internship known through on-campus advertising, including college postering, college newspaper advertising, college flyering, and college event marketing.

The first step to successfully recruiting new talent is by making your company and its internships known. NAM Youth Marketing can provide your company with college advertising solutions to help you achieve an effective campus recruiting strategy. Advertising on college campuses throughout the nation or throughout your state will increase the number of interested applicants, allowing you to choose and recruit from top students. It will also allow you to pool applicants from diversified backgrounds, allowing your company to have an influx of new ideas. Talk with a campus recruiting specialist today and let us help you recruit the very best and brightest.

Advertising Job Opportunities

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College students bring value to any company, as they have knowledge on the latest technologies, software, and industry trends available. Their minds are young and fresh, and they’re youthful optimism can improve company culture. College campuses are the perfect place to recruit young, eager, and valuable talent.

NAM Youth Marketing has spent the last 16 years executing campus recruiting campaigns for Fortune 500 companies seeking to recruit students for entry level positions upon graduation, as well as companies offering college students part-time work opportunities on and around campus.

Campus Recruitment

In addition, NAM Youth Marketing has worked with college career fairs on behalf of employers interested in finding qualified candidates to interview for entry-level positions within our client’s company. Our ambassadors, speak with and interview tens of thousand of students every year as potential candidates and have put our clients in touch with numerous individuals who became valued employees.

NAM Youth Marketing has the experience and the means to tap into a network consisting of over 10 million students nationally, to whom you can present your job opportunies.

Advertising Graduate & Professional Schools

Campus Recruiting Interviews

Advertising on college campuses nationwide is a great way to increase the number of applicants to your program or school, but it must be done properly with a cohesive college marketing strategy. Target Marketing is critical when recruiting student applicants. We zero in on niche demographics at key locations on campus to boost efficiency, increase reach, and maximize ROI. A campus recruiting specialist will work with you and discuss your company’s specific needs, pinpointing schools and locations of interest.

Through targeted brand immersion, your message will rise above the noise and resonate with students. We will cater to your university’s individual needs and design a solid campus recruiting plan with your goals in mind. 

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