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Peer-to-peer marketing (P2P marketing) is an extremely effective college marketing vehicle that resonates with students. Our student brand ambassadors—highly networked members of the student body—interact with students and start conversations about your brand. College students respond favorably to word of mouth viral marketing, especially when the endorsement comes from a friend or peer.

College students are notoriously elusive and highly wary of advertising. Peer-to-peer marketing breaks down those barriers by engaging students face to face. This point of contact not only enables meaningful connections, it also establishes trust—which is of paramount importance in college advertising.

NAM Youth Marketing recruits the best and brightest college students from a diverse set of backgrounds to represent our clients’ needs. Our ambassadors will organically spread the word about your product through their vast social networks, both on and off line.

Our exclusive college advertising network consists of over 100,000 student brand ambassadors and social influencers, and covers over 4,000 campuses.

Our ambassadors belong to a variety of student clubs and organizations, including:

  • Student government
  • Varsity and intramural athletics
  • Greek life (fraternities and sororities)
  • Academic student groups (engineering, chemistry, business, etc.)
  • International and ethnic student groups
  • Many other clubs and organizations depending on the specific campus

By attracting student ambassadors from an array of academic and social groups, NAM Youth is able to efficiently and seamlessly spread the word about your brand through various outlets and avenues on campus.

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NAM Youth Marketing specializes in developing customized marketing solutions. We take the time to truly understand your college marketing goals and then we work with you in determining a plan of action to achieve those goals, utilizing and adapting our extensive P2P networks to suit your needs. Here is a glimpse of some of our marketing concepts:

  • Data Collection and Lead Generation: If your company is looking for market research on this evasive demographic, consider going right to the source and getting inside information directly from college students through peer-to-peer marketing. Have students fill out surveys, answer questionnaires, and enter contests and sweepstakes. Use peer-to-peer marketing to gather completed materials and encourage participation.

peer-to-peer marketing with data cards peer-to-peer marketing contests P2P_Marketing_data cards

  • Product Sampling: If you company wants to get your brand into the hands of students—increasing exposure and driving interests—our ambassadors will distribute your product in high-traffic locations, engage with students, and listen to their reactions. College sampling is an extremely effective form of peer-to-peer marketing that students appreciate and enjoy.

peer-to-peer marketing college sampling P2P_Marketing college sampling peer-to-peer marketing brand ambassadors

  • Social Influencer: If your company wants to reach students through social media platforms, our ambassadors will access their P2P networks and  connect with their Facebook friends—posting your message on their friends’ walls. They can conduct brief classroom talks and posts blogs on their schools’ websites, creating a soft buzz on-campus.

Marketing to students requires expertise, innovation, and finesse. Our ambassadors will create a memorable experience for students through authentic engagement.

College Marketing INsider Advantage:  Our exclusive college advertising network consists of over 100,000 Student Brand Ambassadors, and covers over 4,000 campuses. Our ambassadors—highly networked members of the student body—belong to a variety of student clubs and organizations. By utilizing this vast network, your message will reach its intended target.  

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