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Reaching College Students in Dorms

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Reaching College Students in Dorms with Dorm Room Advertising

One of the most effective ways of marketing to college students is to advertise where they live. NAM Youth Marketing can help your company advertise in on-campus housing.

Advertise in the homes of college students with dorm room advertising. Advertising is dorms allows brands to target niche groups of college students, such as freshmen, international students, honors students, graduate students, male students, female students, students with families, transfer students, non-traditional students and more.

Dorm room advertising allows nearby businesses to advertise to students living in close proximity to their business location. This a great way for restaurants, clubs, food delivery services, entertainment venues, performance arenas, beauty salons, gyms, stores, or any other nearby business to drive traffic and encourage student turnout. Students care about convenience; let them know your business is nearby!

Reaching College Students in Dorms Using Dorm Room Door Hangers

Reaching College Students in Dorms Using Door Hangers

Door hangers are placed directly on students’ door handles in college dorms and other on-campus housing using NAM Youth Marketing’s network of student brand ambassadors. Our student agents have access to on-campus student housing. They will hang your ads on door handles in dorm halls. When they distribute the promotional materials, they will knock on students’ doors. If the student answers, they will hand deliver your ad to the occupants and excite them about the promotion. Otherwise, they will leave the college ad on the door, ensuring that the occupants will see it upon arrival.

College Advertising with Dorm Room Door Hangers

Door Room Door Hangers

Dorm room door hangers are an easy and effective way of marketing to college students. Dorms have the highest concentration of students on campus, making it the ideal college advertising arena. Placing door hangers directly on dorm room doors draws students’ attention to the highly visible, evocative ads. Through the NAM Youth student network, we will access dorms across the nation, bringing your message into the homes of thousands of students.

Reaching College Students in Dorms on Dorm Room Move-In Day

Dorm Room Advertising Dorm Room Move-In Day

Dorm room move-in day is an excellent time to advertise to students. Brands have the chance to reach incoming students and their parents. This is great opportunity for multi-generational marketing and an excellent way for brands to use the close relationship between parents and children to influence purchasing decisions.

Reaching College Students On Campus with Dorm Room Door Hangers

Reaching College Students On Campus Door Hangers

College street teams can pass out door hangers to students on campus in conjunction with dorm room advertising. This provides a great overlap between students who live on campus and those that reside off campus. It also heightens the brand awareness, because it leads to repeat exposure.
dorm room door hanger advertising Dorm_Room_Door_Hangers_Classroom advertising
Student Brand Ambassadors engage students by utilizing the door hangers as a form of college sampling and hand-to-hand marketing. They access highly trafficked locations on campus, where they interact with students, and start conversations about your brand. This maximizes exposure and ensures that your campus ads reach their intended target.

What We Offer

  • Targeted Dorm Room Advertising
  • Interactive Dorm Room Move-In Events
  • Creative Approaches to Reaching College Students and their Parents
  • Exciting Call-to-Action Strategies
  • Professional Services That You Can Count On
  • Fast, Measurable Results

College Marketing INsider Advantage:  Our exclusive college advertising network of over 4,000 campuses offers you a wide selection of locations. We will ensure that you achieve maximum exposure at every targeted campus, or even a specific section within. Spot checks, monitoring, and photographic documentation let you know that a successful college marketing campaign has been carried out.

Contact us today and speak with a dorm room marketing specialist. Reaching college students in dorms has never been easier! Launch a dorm room advertising campaign today.

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