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media boards advertising on college campus On-campus media boards

There’s a proliferation of advertising on college campuses, making it harder and harder for brands engaging in on-campus advertising campaigns. Many companies vie for students’ attention and discretionary spending dollars. One way to stand out among the clutter is through on-campus media boards. They prominently display your brand’s message and attract notice through their large size.

Generate brand awareness and fuel interest through strategic media board placement in high-profile locations on campus. Media boards convey a strong message through their dramatic size. Creative design and bold graphics are of paramount importance when advertising on college campuses. Craft a unique design for your media boards that will draw students in and excite them.

Benefits to using NAM Youth Marketing’s media boards:

  • Highly visible ads in high-traffic locations
  • Professional presentation with full color artwork
  • Increased exposure among students and faculty
  • A slection of choice locations on campus

NAM Youth Marketing offers the following sizes:

  • 11” x 17”, 12” x 18”, 13” x 19” – Perfect for college bulletin boards
  • 18” x 24”, 19” x 25” – Eye-catching ads distributed throughout campus in residence halls, student unions, libraries, and other heavily-trafficked locations on campus
  • 20” x 30” – Our largest and most evocative media boards are used for event marketing, outdoor events, and large-scale venues on campus

Media boards are a great vehicle for reaching college students and remain an effective on-campus advertising tool.

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