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NAM Youth Marketing continually strives to provide innovative college marketing solutions to captivate and engage the college demographic. Campus kiosks are large, vibrant, free-standing advertising panels used to break advertising barriers and increase brand visibility on college campuses. Their physical presence will attract attention. Stand out among the competition by using campus kiosks to promote your brand.

Campus Kiosks 3D ad

College Marketing INsider Advantage: NAM delivers quality goods and services, including printing, packaging, shipping, and distribution. Our exclusive college advertising network of over 4,000 campuses offers you a wide selection of locations. Spot checks, monitoring, and photographic documentation let you know that a successful college marketing campaign has been carried out.

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NAM Survey Facts Pertaining to Campus Kiosks

Survey group included 1,200 students on 60 campuses nationally in September 2012:

  • 96% of students surveyed viewed a campus kiosk in the past seven days
  • Over 60% viewed campus kiosks multiple times per day
  • Of those 60%, 25% viewed campus kiosks with the same advertisement at multiple locations on campus

Kiosk Specifications

Copy Size:

  • Overall/Trim: 26”w X 50”h
  • Live Area:      24”w x 48” h


  • Copy is produced in one section.
  • Copy bleeds to edge on all four sides.



  • Transit Shelter Paper or comparable, double sided. UV laminated.


  • Inks are weatherproof/waterproof with UV protection, and in compliance with product bulletin specifications of substrate manufacturer.


  • UV or conventional clear coat in compliance with product bulletin specifications of substrate manufacturer.


  • Transparencies are positioned between safety glass and a milky white diffuser. 

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