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College Poster Advertising On Campus

NAM Youth Marketing has been executing on campus college postering and flyering campaigns across the US, Puerto Rico, and Canada since 1997. Through our extensive distribution networks,  we have the ability to display your ad in high-traffic areas on campus, including student unions, mail rooms, dining facilities, academic and classroom buildings, and other student common areas.

Advertising on campus with posters and flyers provides an economical solution that gives your brand widespread coverage for extended periods of time at a cost that ensures the best value for your budget. College postering also provides a segmented way to display your material in front of specific students on campus (i.e. engineering students, business students, etc.).

College posters grab students’ attention, imprinting your brand’s image and inviting a closer look. College poster advertising penetrates a student-oriented space, standing out from the more impromptu college ads and helping to solidify an on-campus presence. Placing college posters throughout campus will act as a strategic reminder of your company and logo. College posters are eye-catching, visual ads used to attract notice and interest.
College Flyer Advertising college poster advertising

College Flyer Advertising

Once college students become more and more accustomed to your company’s ad campaign through the various posters around campus, then it is time to use a more direct approach. College posters generate brand awareness; while college flyers provide detailed information and are excellent call-to-action tools. College flyers are handed directly to students, guaranteeing exposure. Students take the advertisement home with them!

While college posters and college flyers are great college marketing strategies, they can only saturate so many areas of campus–let’s look at ways to access some alternate spaces.

Table Tent Advertising

Table Tent College Advertising College Advertising Table Tent Advertising

Table tents further expand the number and types of spaces that can be used for reaching college students. They bring ads off the walls and onto heavily used tables in dining halls, study areas, and student lounges, where they’ll be that much more visible. Table tents target students’ personal, nonacademic space. Many students spend a lot of time at on-campus dining facilities, making table tents an effective college marketing strategy.

Table tents provide a can’t-miss element to your college advertising campaign, as they are strategically placed on the center of tables where students sit and hang out, increasing exposure for your brand.

Table tents are 4″ x 6″ in size and are typically printed in a 4 color process. NAM Youth Marketing handles the production and distribution, making us your one-stop college marketing solutions provider.

Table Tent Advertising Benefits

  • Highly visible, providing maximum exposure per investment
  • Cost-effective while producing results
  • NAM’s network can provide strategically timed distributions focusing on specific dates
  • Generates brand awareness through highly targeted, strategic placement on campus

college poster advertising on campus college table tent advertising on campus

Our Student Brand Ambassadors—college students themselves and members of the student body—engage students when distributing college flyers, posters, and table tents. They start real conversations about your brand.

College posters, flyers, and table tents each play an essential role in capturing the college market and when used simultaneously lead to great success.

College Marketing INsider Advantage:  Our exclusive college advertising network of over 4,000 campuses offers you a wide selection of locations. We will ensure that you achieve maximum exposure at every targeted campus, or even a specific section within. Spot checks, monitoring, and photographic documentation let you know that a successful college marketing campaign has been carried out. 

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