College Newspaper Advertising

College newspapers—the most widespread publication on campus specifically catering to students—are an efficient and effective way of advertising to students. College students peruse their university newspaper for the latest news, activities, and events pertaining to their school and community. College newspaper advertising delivers your ad into the hands of students.

College newspapers have a 95% readership. College newspaper advertising is a marketing tool you’re going to want to have in your arsenal, as it allows you to reach the majority of college students on a frequent basis. This lucrative medium will increase sales and generate brand awareness.

Take advantage of the trust and authority college newspapers provide. NAM Youth Marketing will help you design and place a memorable advertisement geared specifically for your niche market. Reach your target audience with college newspaper advertising.

NAM Youth Marketing offers your company:

  • Competitive Pricing

College Newspaper Advertising

  • National Reach
  • Volume Discounts
  • Premium Placements
  • Full Color Ads
  • College Display Ads
  • College Classified Ads
  • Free Standing Inserts

With NAM, you know your college newspaper advertising needs will be met! Present your ad to a captive audience through this much-loved medium. 


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College Marketing INsider Advantage: Our marketing experts assist you in selecting colleges and universities best suited for your college marketing goals. Contact NAM Youth Marketing for a complete listing of schools who accept national advertising!


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