Campus Movie Promotions

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Campus Movie Promotions

Going to the movies is a popular form of entertainment for college students and many universities around the nation have an on-campus movie theatre or at the least venues for projecting movies. Movie promotions on college campuses are an extremely effective way of reaching college students, as they’re fun, social outings. Many students go to the movies on a regular basis and once they are in the theatre, you have a captive audience to whom you can engage and introduce your message. NAM Youth Marketing offers the following campus movie promotions:

Theme Movie Promotions

Campus movie promotions theme night Campus movie promotions target audience

Theme movie promotions are a fun way to link your product or service with a particular movie or genre. For example, a cowboy boot and Western ware company could screen an old John Ford Western and then our Student Brand Ambassadors could pass out coupons for the company at the end of the movie. This works well for several reasons. First, students will enjoy the event itself. Second, it allows your brand to focus on a targeted audience. Usually the students that attend a Western will have an interest in Western ware as well, or at least be open to the idea.

Festive Movie Promotions

festive movie promotions on campus Halloween_movie promotions

Festive movie promotions are similar to theme movie promotions, except they take place around the holidays. For example, a costume shop could screen scary movies throughout October and make announcements at the beginning of each viewing.

Date Movie Promotions

Flower_Shop Campus_Movie_Promotion date night

There are many companies that cater to couples, such as flower shops, jewelry companies, hotels and resorts, cruise lines, chocolate shops, and more. With date movie promotions, companies could screen romantic movies on campus and pass out samples or brochures as students enter the theatre.

Dinner and a Movie

dinner and a movie

Dinner and a movie is a classic date that couples enjoy. Restaurants looking to attract students to their local establishment could pass out student discounts right after the movie. These coupons will tempt hungry students and lure them to your establishment.

For almost any company, there is a theme waiting for you! Talk with a college marketing consultant today to find the perfect movie for your promotion. Campus movie promotions are a fun way to engage the college consumer.

Free campus events are also a big draw for college students, and through the use of student influencers, peer to peer recommendations, and social media, NAM Youth really gets the word of mouth buzz going. We will attract students to your screening, giving your brand valuable exposure. 

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