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College Advertising Potential

College students represent $250-$300 billion in annual buying power, 20% of which is estimated to be discretionary spending. Reaching college students through on-campus marketing will enable your company to tap into this lucrative target demographic. NAMOOH Youth Marketing has the staff, the connections, and the college advertising techniques to engage students with your brand and channel discretionary spending your way.

College Advertising with NAM Youth Marketing

College advertising can be so much more than media distribution—with NAM Youth Marketing, you’ll meaningfully connect with students, build brand recognition, and establish an on-campus presence. From print advertising to college sampling campaigns, we encourage student interaction and brand engagement first and foremost. Our student brand influencers will tell your brand’s story in exciting ways that resonate with students and motivate them to act.

College students are unlike any other target market; they’re constantly moving, constantly active, and newly independent. NAM Youth Marketing provides 360-degree engagements to tap into this lucrative demographic. We offer targeted marketing to millions of students at over 4,000 college campuses in the United States, Puerto Rico, and Canada. Utilizing the most extensive multi-tiered distribution network in the industry, we will place your college ads in high-traffic locations, including student unions, dining areas, dorms, libraries, career centers, and more. Contact us to unlock the elusive college market!

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College Marketing INsider Advantage:  Our exclusive college advertising network of over 4,000 campuses offers you a wide selection of locations. We will ensure that you achieve maximum exposure at every targeted campus, or even a specific section within. Spot checks, monitoring, and photographic documentation let you know that a successful college advertising campaign has been carried out.

NAM Youth Marketing offers dynamic on-campus marketing solutions, including:


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