College Event Staffing and
Brand Ambassador Promotions

Staff your event with ease; we’ll take care of hiring, training, managing, and event execution!

  • Experiential marketing events
  • Street team promotions
  • College tours
  • Promotional modeling
  • Guerilla marketing campaigns


a.	On Campus Sampling Promotions College Sampling On 
Campus Advertising Promotions College Marketing Campaigns

College Food & Beverage Sampling

Get your product inexpensively into the hands of 22 million+ students at 4000 college and universities across North America!

  • Sampling programs
  • Live events and buzz generating campaigns
  • Word-of-mouth by respected influencers

College Enrollment Marketing

Meet student recruitment objectives, fill classes, and reduce roller-coaster enrollment!

  • On-campus advertising
  • Lead generation and data card collection
  • Email targeting
  • National brand awareness marketing
  • Live events, virtual tours

College Advertising & On Campus Marketing

Unlock the elusive college market where students study, live, and play using 360 degree marketing! Build brand awareness with on-campus advertising:

  • Campus posters and flyers
  • Dorm room advertising
  • Peer-to-peer marketing
  • Targeted student marketing
  • Table tent advertising

College Event Marketing and Student Influencers

Break down advertising barriers with peer-to-peer marketing! Use student influencers to create lasting impressions.

  • Fraternity and sorority marketing
  • Orientation and back-to-school advertising
  • Spring break and experiential marketing
  • College sporting events

College Marketing and College Advertising

To unlock the elusive college market, brands must rise above the noise of today's over-stimulated world and communicate their stories in fun, meaningful ways. College marketing is no longer about advertising the product or service, instead it's about showing prospective customers what your brand can do for them. NAM Youth Marketing empowers its clients to do this by connecting them with college students where they study, live, and play.

NAM Youth Marketing fosters strong brand-consumer relationships through innovative, creative, and relevant college marketing campaigns. We create online interactions, start conversations, and encourage on-campus engagements.

We've been on campus since 1997 and truly understand the college consumer mindset. If you want to get your product into the hands of 22 million+ students at 4000 college and universities across North America, call us at 888-631-9222.

Already have a robust marketing event set up, but really want to draw the college crowd? Partner with NAM for all your college marketing needs. We do all the heavy lifting and will make sure students not only know about your event, but eagerly anticipate it!
Call us at 888-631-9222.

NAM Youth Marketing Digital and Mobile Marketing Solutions

NAM employs strategic relationships for digital and mobile marketing. We offer higher education marketing and recruitment technologies that are fully responsive, easily integrated and culture driven. We incorporate popular technologies with dynamic content to deliver captivating experiences to students through digital, social, and mobile channels.

Student Brand Ambassadors – Campus Jobs

NAM Youth Marketing is seeking motivated, energetic individuals to join our college marketing team. With NAM, you’ll work on exciting campaigns, represent top brands, and engage students in meaningful ways.

Launch a College Marketing Campaign – Download College Marketing 101:

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The college market is unlike any other target market.